Current Things: November 2022

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  • What We Owe The Future by Will MacAskill
  • Celebrities for Jesus by Katelyn Beaty
  • The Bayern Agenda by Dan Moren

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  • Atlanta, Season 4
  • She-Hulk, Season 1
  • The Patient (Limited Series)
  • Rick and Morty, Season 6

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  • The Cardinals got swept by the Phillies in the first round of the playoffs. Strangely enough the Phils going all the way to the World Series has made me feel slightly better
  • I finally downloaded the Dolphin emulator and have been slowly playing through the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the first time since college.
  • I got a new iPad Pro 12.9 with 1 TB storage and WiFi + Cellular. It’s a beast of a machine and feels way faster than my old 2018 iPad Pro

Finished in October:

LotR: Rings of Power, Season 1:

It took a bit too long to get established, but it really felt like we were off to the races as soon as the pieces were in place. Keeping the mis- and re-directions character based allowed the show to be thrilling without feeling cheap.

House of the Dragon, Season 1: it was fine as these things go, but I watch this show for little else other than spectacle. The time jumps–while thrilling and kept the action moving– really hurt the show’s ability to flesh out almost any of its ideas

Season 3 of Tuca and Bertie:

The season finale took a big swing and (mostly) missed, but it remains one of the most inventive shows on right now. If you like how Rick and Morty presents its themes, but dislike it’s aesthetic, I’d really recommend giving T&B a chance.

Barbarian, 2022:

Horror comedies remain the best way we have of explaining society’s deepest problems

Men, 2022:

It's not subtle, but there's nothing subtle about the subject matter. Always love how there's (at least) one thing that sticks with you in Garland's movies (dance in Ex Machina, bear in Annihilation, hand in Men)

Confess, Fletch, 2022:

There's such a huge comedy-shaped hole in recent mainstream movie releases; it's so nice to laugh at a movie that was actually meant to be laughed at. Well worth your 90 minutes.