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  • Poker Face, Season 1
  • The Last of Us, Season 1
  • Andor, Season 1

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  • After the holiday break, we’ve been knocking out movies and TV shows like it’s our job
  • Julie keeps having night events, so I keep playing old Zelda games. I beat Twilight Princess and finally sprung for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack to play Goldeneye, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask. Looking forward to Tears of the Kingdom!

Finished in January:

Elvis: Pretty. Good. Movie. Shot. In. Totality. In. About. Three. Second. Takes.

(Austin Butler was spectacular. I can’t imagine there was a better performance this year)

All Quiet On The Western Front (2022): People are gonna say “oh this part, this part shows how pointless it all is”. But it’s all parts. All parts are pointless.
The Menu: Horror comedies remain the best way we have of explaining society’s deepest problems (good, but not great edition)
Avatar: the way of water: totally dependent on your tolerance of earnest. Happy to report I don’t have an entire heart of stone
Amsterdam: when you spend the last 15 minutes of the movie explaining what happened in the previous two hours and *it still makes no sense* maybe it’s time to rethink things a
I'm not sure we needed a remake of West Side Story, but it was so well crafted that I'll allow

Mythic Quest, Season 3: even in a down season, the central relationship between Poppy and Ian is one of the best and unlike anything else on TV.

She-Hulk, Season 1: Tatiana Maslany continues being the greatest actress that I constantly forget about. GIVE HER A MOVIE, YOU COWARDS

(The show itself kind of fell apart in the last episode, but it was such a delight until then that it’s easy to forgive)

The Book of Boba Fett: this was pretty forgettable until the Mandolorian showed up. (that spoiler is a PSA)

I imagine this was originally designed as a Mandolorian mini-season and converted later to focus more on BF when the material wasn’t quite coming together.

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