Current Things: March 2023

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  • Party Down, Season 3
  • Star Trek: Picard, Season 3
  • Poker Face, Season 1
  • The Last of Us, Season 1
  • Andor, Season 1

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I’ve been listening to this Beatles playlist I made when I was 17 to flow all my favorite Beatles songs. I remember working on this for HOURS trying to get it just right. Anyway, here it is!


  • We went skiing in the Italian Alps for a week. With two transatlantic flights, you’d think we’d have had a chance to watch more
  • I thought I’d take a break from video games, but it didn’t happen. Almost finished with Ocarina of Time and have played a little Goldeneye. But I’ve really got to get started on Metroid Prime Remastered!

Finished in February:

Tár: a perfect inversion of subtext to text and how power is inherently fleeting. This is probably the best movie of the year, y'all

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