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  • Succession, Season 4
  • Yellowjackets, Season 2
  • Ted Lasso, Season 3
  • The Mandalorian, Season 3
  • Party Down, Season 3
  • Star Trek: Picard, Season 3

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  • We knocked out most of the Oscar nominees before the ceremony, but there’s so many from 2022 that I want to catch up with! Either from directors I like/think are interesting (Babylon, Catherine Called Birdy), that had great reviews, but didn’t get Oscar noms (Aftersun, After Yang), or that I just generally want to see (Black Panther, Speak No Evil). Here’s hoping that I actually get to them!
  • While I finished Ocarina of Time, I’m taking a break from my Zelda playthrough for Metroid Prime: Remastered. So far, it holds up really well!
  • I’d been hesitant to put podcasts in the “Currently Listening” section since the core of what I listen to doesn’t change much. But I think it’s worth it for documenting the shows I don’t listen to every episode of and keep my “listen to every episode” shows at the bottom.

Finished in March:

Andor, Season 1: Star Wars has always been so fun that the full impact of the strife between the Rebels and the Empire was always glazed over.

No more. Andor makes you feel how simultaneously important and pointless this all is. No one wins in war.

Poker Face, Season 1: this and Star Trek: SNW have made it very obvious how unsatisfying non-episodic TV has become. Imagine getting the satisfaction of a story ending every night!

(As for PF: the conceit started to wear thin in the middle, but those last two episodes were <chef’s kiss emoji>)

The Last of Us, Season 1: it’s always nice when shows that give you something to think about are also entertaining. Doubly so when they become popular enough to ensure it’ll last at least as long as it needs to

The Fabelmans: there’s an artifice of movies that allows for more truth than real life
Cocaine Bear: not sure anyone will buy that this took place in Georgia when we all know it actually took place in Kentucky
Women Talking: here to take the minutes
Triangle of Sadness: wealth is a disease that none of us can escape
The Banshees of Inisherin: being human is awesome, but hard

(but being a donkey is harder)

(also, the world is a hard place to live in, but good news: we’ve got each other)

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