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  • Party Down, Season 3
  • The Changeling, Season 1
  • Archer, Season 14

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  • Olivia Rodrigo’s new album is such an accomplishment. It’s fresh and modern, but clearly influenced by all of us olds' favorite bands. Green Day and Weezer are most obvious, but there’s plenty of Damien Rice. But then it becomes obvious she’s listened to a ton of Paul Simon! How is this happening???
  • I got all the Tears and (I think) the only main story task left is to beat Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom. But then of course I got distracted by some sky islands that I’d not yet visited and got sucked into some stuff in the depths. I gotta finish this game because Super Mario RPG remake (probably my favorite non-Zelda game) is coming out in like six weeks!
  • I somehow got a ticket to Maggie Rogers at The Atlantis. It was such an incredible all-around experience (both the show and venue). I blogged a bit about here!

Finished in September:

Guardians of the Galaxy, vol 3: This was so much more successful than any of its contemporary Marvel movie because it was allowed to tell only the story it wanted to tell

Foundation, Season 2: started out slowly, but ends just as strongly as the first season. It’s hard sci-fi and not going to be for everyone, but it hits everything you want it to hit

Justified: City Primeval: Picks right up where it left off: a slick, but dirty indictment of our systems from the tip top to the deep depths

What We Do in the Shadows, Season 5: it just continues to invent more batshit crazy plot lines and somehow pulls them all together while further deepening these characters. No sweat, right?

Now bring back human bartender, Jackie Daytona, you cowards!!

The Afterparty, Season 2: that first episode was so bad that I almost didn’t watch more, but gets better quickly. Very obvious that Chris Miller had a limited role in this season

Asteroid City: -“I still don’t understand the play.” -“It doesn’t matter. Just keep telling the story.”

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