Current Things: November 2023

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  • Loki, Season 2
  • The Fall of the House of Usher
  • The Changeling, Season 1

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  • Still listening to Olivia Rodrigo and still loving it. Need to go back and listen to her first album
  • I finally bit the bullet and beat Tears of the Kingdom. I’d been avoiding it because I didn’t want the game to end, but finally realized no one will stop me from keeping to play it! (Except the fact that I got Super Mario Wonder on sale and Super Mario RPG comes out in like two weeks)

Finished in October:

Archer, Season 14: I’d stopped watching after the noir season, but picked it back up since this was the last season. Season 14 started as strong as some of the earlier seasons, but clearly ran out of steam towards the end.

No One Will Save You: This one’s a weird one. I very much enjoyed it overall, but the ending seems to undercut its main theme so much that I really question I understand what this movie is about at

Party Down, Season 3: I’ve always been a bit cooler on this show than most (it plays OK straight, but it very much feels like it’s really written for Hollywood types by Hollywood types), but it was good to catch up with these characters after ten years.

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