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  • Fargo, Season 5
  • For All Mankind, Season 4
  • The Curse, Season 1
  • The Changeling, Season 1

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I liked Geese's first album, but their new-ish one--3D Country-- answers the question of what would happen if the weirdest possible 70s rock/soul/bluegrass/country album was made in 2023. It's off the rails in the absolute best way possible

Finished in December:

Bottoms: drags in the middle, but those first and third acts are about as perfect as they come. I’m always here for a high-concept movie, especially one that’s absolutely absurd and packaged in an unexpected setting

The Killer: no one is better than David Fincher at these kind specific character studies. Much like Fight Club, the killer himself was a flawed person and an unreliable narrator despite the fact that a hitman-for-hire is very much a larger-than-life character that ostensibly needs to be perfect. That contrast drove the movie perfectly

No Hard Feelings: It attempts to be a modern-day The Graduate made with modern sensibilities, but ultimately betrays that goal by its ending. I loved what it was going for, but it didn’t quite get there. Still, more movies like this, please!

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