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  • True Detective, Season 4
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 12
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Season 1
  • Rick and Morty, Season 6

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  • Something recently has drawn me back to this album that I never fully listened to when it came out. I was such a big fan of his first two albums, but didn’t really give the third one much of a chance. I liked this one well enough when it came out, but it didn’t hook me then. But it’s hooked me now

Current Travel Planning


  • I’m going to try and do a better job of posting about my past and future travels. I added a new dedicated Travel page and a new section in Current Things to help highlight this!
  • The kids only had one full day of school the week of MLK Jr. Day: one holiday plus two missed days and one late start due to snow.
  • I added the Best Picture and Original/Adapted Screenplay Oscar nominees I’ve yet to see to the queue. And officially declared bankruptcy on the 2022 films that I never watched. Maybe I’ll come back and watch them someday.

Finished in January:

Trip: Skiing in Quebec Charlevoix

Fargo, Season 5:

…but the food was not food. It was sin. The sins of the rich…but he ate them all, for he was starving. From then on, the man does not sleep or grow old. He cannot die. He has no dreams. All that is left is sin

It feels like that, I know. What they do to us. Make us swallow, like it’s our fault. But, you want to know the cure? You gotta eat something made with love and joy and be forgiven

The world of Fargo has long been helmed by an old-testament god– rigid, dogmatic. This season went down that same path…until it didn’t. What does Fargo look like with redemption?

The Curse, Season 1: love lifts us up where we belong

Until that ending, I didn’t find The Curse to be that confounding: it was a pretty clear critique of what individuals do to remedy their guilt– specifically, but not exclusively, white guilt. I liked it a lot more than I think most people did, but I have a high tolerance for this sort of show

American Fiction: there are no satisfying answers

Poor Things: the feel good movie of the year from our most notable optimistic filmmaker *checks notes* yorgos lanthimos

For All Mankind, Season 4: Whatever complaints I have about this show are always vastly outweighed by how good of a job it does in grounding a literal decades-spanning epic in its characters.

The Changeling, Season 1: So many ideas– motherhood, fatherhood, working parenthood, the American story, the patriarchy– but not enough time to dig into many of them. There’s still a lot to like here: the cinematography, the mood, but especially the performances

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