Current Things: May 2024

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Currently reading: Extremely Hardcore by Zoë Schiffer 📚

Currently reading: Co-Intelligence by Ethan Mollick 📚

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  • Such a glut of new albums in April- I’m just cycling through the new Maggie Rogers, new Black Keys, new Taylor Swift, and new Beyonce albums.

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  • I was really excited about Apple’s Journal app when it was announced last summer, but the lack of iPad and Mac apps was a bit of a nonstarter. I tried to use Day One, but didn’t want to pay for the full version. Then I read about Everlog in the March Club MacStories Newsletter (Paywalled) and have been using it for the past month. It’s not perfect, but it’s price and integration with Apple Journaling Suggestions API meets all the things I absolutely need. Very much recommended.

Finished in April:

The White Lotus, Season 1: I kept hoping for this to cut a bit harder against the “the rich”, but that was probably the point: when you’re rich, you don’t get cut

Napoleon: there’s something about these type of historical biopics that just can’t clear the bar. It may have something to do with trying to fit an entire lifetime into a three-hour runtime

On a better note: I knew Napoleon was a weird dude and I appreciate the lengths this movie went to show that

Disney cruise for Julie’s mom’s 75th birthday

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 12: today is Julie’s birthday and our next door neighbors brought her some cupcakes…and a doormat. A doormat they’ve already put where doormats normally go. A doormat that I do not like. But what do I do?! I can’t take it off! They live right next door! They’ll know!

Showing Up: Reichardt has this way of letting her audience in on the joke while completely respecting her characters that makes you feel so smart and welcomed.

Michelle Williams knows how to inhabit Reichardt’s characters better than anyone. It’s so rare that actor/director are this in sync.

Constellation, Season 1: I mostly liked this, but I constantly found myself writing a better show in my head which is never a good sign. Still, there’s a lot that’s done well and no problem that can’t be fixed in a Season 2.

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