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  • Continuing the trend of all my favorites releasing albums way too close to each other: new Avett Brothers'!

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  • May was a bit of a weird month–we were insanely busy, but it was just a bunch of one-off events. I journaled about a lot of it, but didn’t blog much. I like that I have my journal where I feel comfortable capturing what I feel like, but I want to blog more. I need to adjust the line between public and private.
  • At our school auction we bid on and won a week at a house on the Eastern Shore. Since the school is always out for five days around Indigenous Peoples/Columbus Day (apparently our holiest of holidays), it’s always a good time to get out of the city. Looking forward to it!

Finished in May:

The White Lotus, Season 2: so great at unpacking so many ideas:

  • the transactional nature of how we live our lives and how it’s always a choice
  • how the stories we tell ourselves are truer than the facts
  • power is desirable and serves a function, but holding onto it for its own sake is self defeating

Finished reading: Co-Intelligence by Ethan Mollick 📚 great overview of how AI can be currently used most effectively: as a partner in completing tasks rather than as an entity that completes the tasks itself. I appreciated that Mollick was enthusiastic about AI while remaining skeptical.

3 Body Problem, Season 1: I liked this more than I thought I would– it’s made really well and did just enough thematically to remain interesting. I wish this had been a smidge more subtle and spent a tiny bit more time on its critique of religion.

Finished reading: Extremely Hardcore by Zoë Schiffer 📚 This is ostensibly an account of the downfall of Twitter, but I fear this same story is about to be retold over and over. Schiffer does a great job of anchoring the story in non-Elon characters. So while it’s long, it goes fast and smooth.

Civil War: I mostly liked this, but it felt just a bit off. It works way better as a plea for the necessity of journalism and documentation than as some kind of reflection of current times.

The full-on Tarantino-style ending–while satisfying– undercut the stillness of the rest of the movie

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