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Currently reading: How to Be Perfect by Michael Schur 📚

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  • I’m not entirely sure where this month went!
  • A few highlights from what I wrote this month:
    • I migrated away from HEY email and back to iCloud, which produced some feelings since I signed up while in the hospital having my second kid
    • No surprise, but Ben Thompson had a good take on how tech companies are tempting regulation with their sleazy practices
    • None of my WWDC wants came true
    • Juneteenth is an essential American holiday and I’m glad we’re finally recognizing it as such

Finished in June:

Slow Horses, Season 2: I very much like the added complexity of this season, but it felt like it was at the expense of everything snapping together as cleanly as season 1.

Godzilla Minus One: We’re not tied to the past, we can choose to be better

Inside Out 2: Doesn’t really break any new ground, but it’s so helpful to be able to name and visually see these emotions and how ourselves interact with them that I feel like the concept could run forever

The Fall Guy: when they make movies I like to imagine they have a dial: turn left to ease back the weirdness, turn right to crank it up.

One of my favorite genre of movies is fairly straightforward action/romance with the weirdness dial cranked to about 8.

Anyway, everyone go see The Fall Guy!

Hit Man: this is the kind of large, crowd-pleasing movie that– 15 years ago– would have topped the box office eight weeks in a row. So well directed, well written, well acted, and fun that it feels like it’s from a different era. I wish I had watched this in a theater instead of Netflix

Slow Horses, Season 1: Started slow, but picked up towards the end of the second episode. First show in a while that was the exact amount of episodes it should be.

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